I am a Sydney based sculptor but grew up in regional NSW. I have lived and worked in Japan, Italy and the United States.


After starting out as a painter I turned to sculpture around 1990, finding early on that the boulder, with its varied forms and geological history, was the primary medium for me. Of course cutting the boulder open is often a wonderful surprise.

“And so when we examine a nest, we place ourselves at the origin of confidence in the world, we receive a beginning of confidence, an urge toward cosmic confidence. Would a bird build its nest if it did not have its instinct for confidence in the world?”

Gaston Bachelard  - The Poetics of Space – 1958

“As Kiefer himself says, his art

‘is an attempt at re-creation: the reconstruction of a place where you feel good about the universe. In the same way your eye scans the sky for the Big Dipper or Virgo: to find comfort and reassurance’ ”

Phillippe Dagen – Human Histories, Natural Histories, Monumenta 2007